Michele Manzoli was born in 1987.
He spent the first years of his life in the town of Ferrara, and later moved with his family to San Lazzaro di Savena, near Bologna. He attended there the middle school Rodari-Jussi, which provides curricular music lessons (piano and percussions). For four years, he was a member of the Primavera Orchestra, and took part in concerts held, among other places, in Adria (Rovigo), Urbino (Teatro Raffaello), Rimini (National Exhibition of Music), Lecce, Parma (Teatro Regio), in the Arena del Sole and the Aula Absidale di Santa Lucia in Bologna. During the middle school years he held twice the office of councillor in the Consiglio Comunale dei Ragazzi (the Municipal Council of Children) of San Lazzaro, and cared, with other councillors, of the Council's website.

Then, he attended the Scientific High School Enrico Fermi in Bologna, curriculum PNI (Mathematics, Physics and IT). For five years he was a member of the High School Theatre Group. At the end of each school year the group put on a show . Some examples are Animal Farm by G. Orwell and A Midsummer Night's Dream by W. Shakespeare.

During the last year of High School, he taught a course in basic computer skills (aimed at preparing for the ECDL core-level exams) to students from his school, and took part in the project named EEE - Extreme Energy Events, working for a week at CERN in Geneva making a telescope for muons (a type of cosmic rays), still operating in the School.

During the High School years, he received several awards for his achievements in events like the Olympics of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science, or internal competitions. He also won a competition named Tower in the School organized by ENAV (Air Traffic Control Italian Company) for the proposal of an original pay-off ("Eyes to the sky, feet on the ground"). Along with some of his classmates, he won the competition The Physics of the Boat organized by the Physics Department of Bologna, INFN (Nuclear Physics National Institute) and INAF (National Institute for Astrophysics), thus having the opportunity to get on the famous Italian sailboat "Adriatic" and sail on the seas of Marina di Ravenna and Genoa (at the Festival of Science, 2005). He was mentioned several times by local editions of newspapers among the students with higher grades; he concluded his "career" in high school earning the maximum grade in science subjects (mathematics, physics, natural sciences), in English, as well as in history and philosophy.

He distinguished himself not only for academic achievements, but also for athletic ones, participating in the national phase of the climbing GSS (Student Sports Competitions) in 2003, held in Lecco.

After graduating with honors, he spent the summer of 2006 in Malta, where he worked for a month at the MICS (Malta Institute for Computer Sciences). In 2007 he began to dance Puerto Rico Salsa, and soon became part of the choreography-group of the school. He then had the opportunity to perform in different localities of the region, such as "Esclamo" Crespellano (BO), the "Don Chisciotte" Galliera (FE), the "Sala Paradiso" Bologna, the "Barrumba" Pinarella di Cervia (RA) and the restaurant "Al 12 da Lino" Cesenatico (FC).

In 2009 he graduated in Biomedical Engineering with 110/110 cum laude from the University of Bologna. In 2011 he graduated in Clinical Engineering (Master's Degree) from the University of Trieste, cum laude.

Michele Manzoli worked with Emma Civallero for several years, during which he contributed to creating and maintaining her web-site, blog, a "self-presentation" of the artist on CD and other multimedia contents.